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What Clients Are Saying

Going through a divorce is one the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. I had been married for over 22 years and knew that I had a daunting process in front of me. On the one hand I knew I had to go through it; on the other hand it was like looking into the abyss and not knowing what is waiting on the other side. To this day, I thank my lucky stars that I met Carrie Tortora during my first consultation and made the decision to choose her as my attorney. She is excellent in reading people and knows your needs before you do. She replies to emails and phone calls immediately and gives reassurance when you need it. Most of all, and this is, in the end, the most important point, she “has your back.” There is nothing more comforting  than to know that through all the chaos of life changes you are going to face, one condition stays the same, and this is that you can rely on your attorney one-hundred percent. And this is the feeling I had with Carrie throughout my entire divorce process. – S.V.

I went to Carrie as her reputation is one of the best family attorneys in the RTP area. I have stayed with Carrie as she is one of the best family law attorneys in the area. She is responsive, very knowledgeable of the judges in Wake and the surrounding area depending upon where your issue may be filed. She is as aggressive as you want and will provide practical guidance on the ways in which you may respond. Family law by its inherent nature is difficult as there is a family to think about in addition to your interests. Carrie is not a zero-sum attorney (scorched-earth), but an effective counselor that will advocate for you, and your children (if you have them). Although I did not utilize Carrie for a hearing, we were preparing for such. I fully endorse Carrie for any and all family law needs you may have.

It is both an honor and a privilege to recommend Carrie Tortora as a family law attorney.

Ms. Tortora represented me in my divorce case from Spring to Winter 2023.  She came highly recommended by a prominent family law attorney in Raleigh, NC, and in my research to find “the best,” I discovered that even her competition spoke her name with reverence because she garnered that much respect. One attorney described Carrie as “a mast in a storm,” and I cannot agree more.

Carrie is highly intelligent and highly skilled in her craft. She understood the background, foreground and aerial view of my case, and executed the management thereof with poise and precision. I was only too happy to follow her lead. As it happened, Ms. Tortora was not the first divorce attorney that represented me, but she quickly and certainly became my only choice. She was focused and fearless against a challenging defense. As such, Ms. Tortora’s contributions to my divorce case were critical to its successful resolution.

Ms. Tortora’s education and background speak for itself. Her practice is exemplary. Her personality is both bright and approachable, and her work ethic shines with attentiveness, confidence, organization, and availability.

Carrie is a winner, and she deserves recognition as one of the best, if not the best, divorce attorney in the Triangle.

She was truly, my mast in the storm.

Carrie is a great lawyer, terrific advisor and nice person. Smart, compassionate and experienced, she offers great representation to clients who want to ensure they achieve fair outcomes for themselves and children, if any. Carrie crafts great legal strategies unique to each situation, but is also able to deviate from the plan when surprises arise. She was very conscientious and practical. Carrie is also responsive, and when I was talking to her, I felt like I was her only focus. When the drama and tension were highest, Carrie was always collected and composed. She had a strong understanding of both the legal and financial aspects of my case. I enthusiastically recommend Carrie if you are looking for legal representation in a family, trust or estate matter.

Attorney Carrie Tortora provided exceptional legal support in filing my restraining order. I felt supported throughout the process.

Carrie was willing to help on short notice as the case was urgent. Her expertise and her dedication to listen, understand and guide were outstanding.

She successfully navigated a moment of unexpected complexity in the courtroom, resulting in a successful outcome.

I highly recommend Attorney Carrie for her exceptional services in handling aspects of separation related issues that require courtroom attention.

Thank you for making a difference in my life, Carrie!