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The Right Mindset For Divorce: Focusing On Solutions, Not Drama

Moving forward during and after divorce is about coming to peace with what’s ahead. Attorney Carrie Tortora works with individuals from Raleigh and The Triangle to find divorce agreements that work. She brings reason, professionalism and calm to your case. When you need to understand what is happening and what happens next, she will be there to help you.

A Steady Guide Through Difficult Issues

The uncertainty you face during the divorce process can feel overwhelming. There are important questions to answer during a divorce, such as:

Attorney Tortora can find answers to these questions and many others that you are likely to have. She is a legal advocate who will make every effort to keep you updated about your case and your prospects.

The Importance Of Asset Division

One of the most important aspects of divorce is finding out how the property division will work. With a background in accounting, Carrie Tortora excels in that area. She is comfortable in the complex world of numbers, assets and amortization. She brings immense insight into these discussions.

North Carolina law requires an equitable division of assets, but that does not necessarily mean that the division will be equal. As your lawyer, Ms. Tortora will advocate for your fair share of the marital estate.

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