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When facing a family crisis, you need a skilled family law attorney. Carrie Tortora, founder of Tortora Family Law, is dedicated to providing compassionate, accessible family law services to the people of Raleigh and throughout The Triangle.

Attorney Tortora makes your goals her goals and strives to give her clients the legal advocacy they need. Learn more about her background by reading her bio:

Attorney At Law Magazine recently wrote a feature article about attorney Tortora.

Professionalism In Difficult Times

When you face any family law concern, you likely fear the unknown. Divorce and custody problems are the most stressful situations you will ever experience in your personal life. Knowing that, you need an attorney who will prioritize you and your needs.

Our lawyer, Carrie Tortora, is committed to being a hands-on, easily contacted presence for her clients. She and her staff take every opportunity to keep you current on the status of your case. We strive to eliminate surprises.

Family Law Is Not About Winning And Losing

Attorney Tortora pursues long-lasting solutions for clients.

In a contested divorce, the parties often waste energy, time and money on who wins and who loses. This type of thinking leads to a worse situation for all parties.

Family law is about confronting the difficulties of an ending marriage or a complex parenting relationship and finding the best way forward.

Clarity, Consistency, Compassion

When you need answers to your family law questions, turn to us. Attorney Tortora will answer your questions and guide you through the next steps. Call 919-230-2005 or send an email to get started today.