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Child Custody And Child Support: What Should You Expect From Your Lawyer?

Child custody and child support are the most difficult issues for most divorcing parents. These child-centered issues raise questions about what kind of parenting your kids deserve.

Our lawyer at Tortora Family Law has built a career helping people in Raleigh and The Triangle who are facing divorce and family law challenges. For issues of child support and custody, attorney Carrie Tortora uses her understanding of North Carolina law and her detail-oriented service. She provides the information her clients need to make informed decisions.

The Best Interests Of The Child

How courts make decisions about custody is one of the most important pieces of information to parents. The guiding principle behind any and all custody decisions is the best interests of the child. This is defined in North Carolina as:

  • The child’s physical health
  • The child’s mental health
  • The safety of the child’s environment
  • The possible risks of exposure to violence or drug abuse

During the proceedings, if evidence of neglect is found, it can influence the custody proceedings. Generally, what the state sees as “best” for the child is a form of shared or joint custody between both sides, where the child lives for some time with both parents and both parents have equal input on decisions.

Child Support Is Based On The Numbers

Unlike child custody decisions, which rely on subjective factors, child support is based on the numbers. The court enters the income and resources of both parents into an equation, which then determines the appropriate level of child support.

However, child support is not without some variance. Attorney Tortora knows the legal side and the numbers side and can guide you with skill and confidence.

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