Find The Ally You Need With A Board-Certified Family Law Attorney

Family Law: We Strive For Solutions

When your family conflicts and interactions reach a breaking point, sometimes the only way forward is through the legal system. With the right attorney, you can have a much better understanding of what your options are.

Our lawyer at Tortora Family Law has a reputation for consistency and professionalism. Attorney Carrie Tortora provides clarity and knowledge about family law in North Carolina to clients in Raleigh and throughout The Triangle. Her goal is to shed light on the complexities of your family law case so you can have confidence in what’s coming next.

What Is Your Family Law Concern?

Family law is not only about divorce issues. Family law includes many complex legal issues that relate to your personal life. It can include any or all of the following:

  • Alimony – This can be a delicate subject in a divorce agreement. Attorney Tortora has the skill and experience necessary to help secure a fair arrangement.
  • Contract and order enforcement – Protection and security are incredibly important and getting an order enforced is not always very straightforward. A family law attorney can help ensure your contract is upheld and followed through.
  • Family law appeals – The courts don’t always get things right the first time, but appealing is a challenging process. Our family lawyer understands what’s necessary for a successful appeal and can help you secure the settlement that’s right for you.
  • Premarital agreements – Prenups are becoming more and more common as people want to protect the things they’ve worked for prior to marriage. Attorney Tortora understands this and can help you craft a prenup that’s agreeable to all parties, while protecting your assets and investments.
  • Postnuptial agreements – These types of arrangements are less common, and not all attorneys can create something that efficiently works. Our family law attorney has the experience and skill necessary to create secure postnuptial agreements.
  • Property division – Often the most contentious part of a divorce, property division requires a skilled hand. Carrie Tortora can help you ensure your settlement is fair and helps you achieve all your goals during the divorce process.
  • Separation agreements – A separation agreement has to be thorough, accounting for all important parts of your separation from bills to custody. Attorney Tortora will assist you in creating an agreement that’s secure and efficient.
  • Divorce – This is one of the most emotional legal processes there is. Our family law attorney is here to support you and ensure you get through the process efficiently. She can help you reach a fair settlement and find a more positive future.
  • Child custody – Your kids are one of the most important parts of life, but custody decisions can be difficult. Attorney Tortora can help you make the right decisions, and find custody solutions that work for your family.
  • Child support – Financial support is essential when starting a new life apart from your child’s other parent. A family law attorney like Carrie Tortora will help you secure an arrangement with your kids top-of-mind.

These matters can be difficult to understand and hotly contested. With attorney Tortora on your side, the complexities of your family law matter will be thoroughly analyzed.

Communication Matters

Attorney Carrie Tortora is dedicated to communicating effectively with clients. She knows the stress you are under when family law begins interrupting your day-to-day life. She and her staff can help you understand what is happening and calm your fears.

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