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5 tips to improve co-parenting relationships

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Child Custody and Child Support

Some divorced or otherwise separated parents can put their differences aside and work as a team to raise their children post-split. This type of co-parenting arrangement requires that both parents put an effort into keeping the focus on the children.

Setting rules and expectations at the start of a co-parenting relationship is important. This allows everyone to build off that foundation as the children grow up.

Forging effective communication pathways

Co-parents need to have open communication. Using reliable methods for discussing schedules, education, healthcare and other matters is important. These messages should be as clear as possible so there’s as little room as possible for conflict. This can provide the children with the stability that comes with two parents who are using teamwork to raise them.

Setting consistent rules across households

Being able to provide the children with consistency is beneficial. One way to do this is to set rules that apply across both homes. This removes the need for them to continually have to adjust to different rules. Consider setting standards for dietary matters, bedtime, school work and discipline that are mutually agreeable between both parents.

Respecting each other’s parenting time

Parenting time is a sacred part of co-parenting. Each parent should ensure they don’t encroach on the other parent’s time. Before scheduling activities or making plans, check the parenting time schedule. If there are things that need to be scheduled during your co-parent’s time, discuss it with them to determine if you can compromise.

Creating new traditions together

Some traditions that you did as a family before the divorce may not be possible now. Instead of letting the children focus on that, use this life change to help develop new traditions. If the children have a say in these traditions, they may feel like their wishes are being heard and respected.

A parenting plan is the cornerstone of many healthy co-parenting relationships. Working with someone who can assist with getting this together is beneficial so nothing is missed and everyone affected is provided with a more solid foundation for the future.